Throw distances, do I have this right?



Still learning and can't find the answer in laymans terms anywhere so bear with me.

My new front room will be 3.97m long, the projector will be at one end, the screen at the other. I have a 106" diagonal 16x9 screen on the way, as I now understand it I should have got the screen last but it was a bargain at the time. So anyway that part of the equation is fixed already.

I am planning on a Sanyo Z2 as my 1st projector, this should stop me having to upgrade for a loooooong time which is a good job as we have a bambino coming. On the projector central calculator I have fixed the diagonal screen size to 270cm (106")

Using the throw range zoom I can move the throw distance between 4.2m and 3.23m. Now here is where I'm getting confused, the throw distance is essentially how far the projector and the screen will be from eachother, yes?

So why does increasing the throw range zoom mean I can have a shorter throw distance (projector closer to the screen) - surely increasing a zoom makes something bigger?

I think I must be getting something fundamentally wrong here, can anyone clarify it for me and tell me it's all going to be okay :)



I think i might have worked out why I'm gettig this wrong.

If the distance between screen and projector is the throw range then it's basically saying I can actually have the projector at 3.2m aways from the screen and then if I use the throw range zoom at 1.3x I can still achieve a 106" screen.

Am I right?

Peter Parker

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I think so. :)

You can place the pj anywhere within the throw range for that particular screen size, then use the zoom function to get the image to fit.

So if you can put your pj between 4.2 and 3.2m for your screen size, fitting it anywhere within those two distances (such as 3.75m) means you'll just have to tweak the zoom to get it to fill the screen.

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