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I'm new to this forum and have a few questions about throw distances. I just bought a Optoma hd72 and want to know the best distance for mounting it. I have used the calculator but still not sure what would best. I have a 110" screen and have a room that is plenty long. My question is should I use a zoom to get the projector closer 12.2 (according to the calculator) or use it at a long distance without the zoom 15.6. I know that the closer the projector the brighter the picture, but will the zoom degrade quality?? Thanks for any ideas.



Zoom is a purely optical function, so should not affect the image. There is a school of thought that 'mid-zoom' might show up the least lens flaws (if any), but I really doubt whether you will see any difference (apart from brightness).

Test it on a coffee table first, then you can find your optimum location for ceiling mounting.


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Definitely recommend you test your projector in your room before you start drilling. I found that the quoted specs and the calculators weren't completely accurate. You would be well advised to mount with a bit of zoom tollerance regardless so you can fine tune the exact image size to your screen.

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