Three TVs, one Sky HD+ box and IR extenders


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I have three floors in my home. On the ground floor is my Sky HD+ box and one TV. The other two floors also have a TV each. I want to be able to use the Sky remote controls in each room to control the Sky HD+ box. I have an HDMI splitter on the ground floor which routes the signal from the Sky box to the ground floor TV and up to the other two floors. I presume that I would then need to split this signal from the middle floor to its TV and then up on to the top floor. My issue is, how do I then use something like the Magic Eye IR system from both the middle and top floors to control the Sky HD+ box situated on the ground floor?

One of these IR kits works fine from the middle floor to the ground floor but how are you supposed to do a similar trick from the top floor? The closest I've got so far is to rig it so that the emitter of the IR signal from the top floor is pointing at the receiver on the middle floor. This is fiddly, often doesn't work and needs careful alignment. The HD signal quality on all TVs is fine however.

Is there a better way?

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The ‘better way’ is to use HDBT or HD over LAN and run CAT6 cable from the Sounce to each TV and then add the required hardware for HDMI + IR to each zone.



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Thanks for that info. I was wondering about some form of Ethernet based system for the channel switching side of things. This does seem a good way to manage sending video down network cables with IR switching controls too but isn't this quite expensive when all I need is the ability to send the IR signal? I am wondering if I should just connect the Magic Eye via coax from the top floor (although this would mean an extra lead)?

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