Three sub config with budget speakers


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Greetings all! First post here, but have loved this communities discussions for years (since I bought my first Mitsubishi 60" DLP when it was considered a "reference" tv. Ahhhh, to be young and irresponsible again!)

My current setup is far more modest, built off gift cards throughout the years. I recently came into some extra money and pulled the trigger to upgrade my lfe Subwoofer, and am curious how best to utilize the leftover sub. I think I have a solid plan and am just looking to see if it's crazy, or simply so crazy it just might work. The gear is set to arrive in a few days and I will give it a test run and post back my thoughts, but also wanted to make sure in advance I'm not doing anything that will cause damage to the gear.

This setup is going to be dual purpose; we watch a lot of action movies and I listen to a LOT of music from a very wide range of genres.

My current setup:
  • Yamaha TSR-5830 (7.2 channels, with the manual describing the wattage as: Dynamic Power / Ch (Front L/R, 8/6/4/2 ohms) 120 / 140 / 170 / 190 W)
  • Sub=Sony SA-W2500 (10"/[email protected]/100watt/28hz-200hz)-Plugged into a sub-out jack
  • L/R=Sony SS-F6000P (4-way/8ohm/180watt/40hz-50khz)
  • Center=Sony SS-CS8 (2-way/6ohm/145watt/55hz-25khz)
  • Rear=Sony SS-CS5 (3-way/6ohm/100watt/53hz-50khz)
  • Front Height=Sony SS-CS5 (3-way/6ohm/100watt/53hz-50khz)
The master-cool plan of insanity: Three sub config with budget speakers
I found a second Sony SA-W2500 on FB Marketplace for 20 bucks! I then used an amazon gift card to buy a Dayton Sub-1500. Both subs should be here over next few days.
  • I would use the Dayton Sub-1500 on one of the sub-out Jacks.
  • Set the Yamaha crossover at 120Hz
  • Then give each L/R speaker it's own Sony Sub the following way:
    • Receiver Left Speaker out-->First Sony Sub, speaker level input -->sub speaker level output-->L Speaker
    • Receiver Right Speaker out-->Second Sony Sub, speaker level input -->sub speaker level output-->R Speaker
  • Set each Sony crossover at around 200Hz.

My Concerns:
  1. So I've tried reading up on the speaker-level inputs, but one piece of information I can't be certain about is how the wattage works. For example, how much power does the Left or Right speaker get? 120w from the receiver, or 100 (or some amount less) from the Subwoofer, or around 220 as an aggregate of the two amps?
  2. I bought the L/R and original Sony Sub all at the same time, but the specs for the sub show the power as "6 ohms at 80hz". Am I putting any amps at risk by running the 8ohm mains through the speaker input jacks on the Sub?
  3. Am I putting my sub at risk since the onboard amp is rated at 100watts, but my receiver will be providing 120watts?
I've been doing some reading particularly on question number 1, and I'm just not confident I'm fully grasping the information. My current interpretation is I should be fine.

If you've stuck with me this far, I greatly appreciate it, and am definitely looking forward to your thoughts!

Party on!

*edited too sillee tipoes. :)
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