Three from today - Wenlock Edge


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I had a wander up to Wenlock Edge today as the weather was superb. Took my tripod along as I wanted to get some nice woodland shots which I think I managed to do. I had a particular style of shot in mind and these are pretty much as I envisaged the final results.

Comments welcome :smashin:

The Path of Life

Through The Trees

Wenlock Edge



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1 and 3 for me. Just not sure about the breaks in the path in #2, particularly the log/root in the foreground and the broken criss-crossing tree in the distance.


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What processing did you do?
A fair bit which is unusual for me.........I think i'm coming round to the idea :eek:

I just imported the RAW file into CS3, adjusted the vibrancy and blacks. Then, with the .jpeg I adjusted the shadows/highlights to get the shot 'exposed' how I wanted it. Then there was an application of the Orton effect, faded a touch, and a bit of dodging and burning in places to bring the highlights up or bring the shadows down.

Looking again at #2 I think I bought the roots in the foreground up a tad too much as it looks a bit distracting now :oops:


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I prefer No 3 slightly more than No 1. :smashin:


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Great shots.

I find it easy to get overwhelmed with 'green' when I take those kind of shots, but the spring flowers take the edge off all the green.
Perhaps the processing took some off as well?


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I really like the first one. The splash of pink helps hugely to add in that extra bit of colour. Nicely done.

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