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As the title says, this is basically a shout out to those of you that keep up-to-date with whats going on in the land of technology.

I'm currently in the process of picking out a new case to house what will be over the next several months my new system.

Money is no object on the case (within reason) as I want to buy one that will last me a few upgrades... and therein lies my question.

With more of the feature filled motherboards now releasing being larger, and some of those on the way also planned to be "slightly larger" than the regular ATX standard do you personally think it's worth while going for a case that would support E-ATX?

I'd really appreciate some feedback on this, as I'm having a hard time finding a case I like the look of (lets face it, it's the part of your PC on display so you've got to like it), but that also has the other features I'd like.

So, E-ATX is it something we should be planning into our future-proofed builds at the moment, or not?


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Nope i would even say that a Micro-Atx case is future proof as there is more and more Micro-Atx motherboards being released. There normally a cheaper way to get the higher spec.

Hope that helps.


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Yup, you're spot on crossbow... I just didn't know it was called (learn something every day). I'm fairly savvy with building my own computers but I'm no expert on the field and I know it.

I think the reason I mentioned E-ATX is because some cases that only support ATX dont quite have the room for this extended form factor even though it isn't really E-ATX.

With that said, the case I'm currently waiting for (mentioned it in one of my threads in the cases forum) is the Lian Li PC-A77F. Due for release March this year.

Cracking features, great size and supports E-ATX / ATX / M-ATX/ CEB form factors.

It's likely going to be expensive, but the one thing I dont skimp on is my cases since I usually stick with them for several years, through several builds.

Might be worth checking out, if you're not desperate for a case this second.

Lian Li Industrial Co., Ltd.


Edit: Just noticed you said largsh(ish) not large case... this is a Full Tower and what I'm personally looking for.


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Thanks, wasn't aware of this upcoming Lian Li model.

It's a little smaller than Corsair's gigantic Obsidian 800D, so that's a plus.

I'm also looking for a case that will last me a few years - at least 10 if possible, so the Lian Li looks like the one to go for.

Edit: Just noticed you said largsh(ish) not large case... this is a Full Tower and what I'm personally looking for.
Well large/ish - as long as it meets my needs & I have room for it really!


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My next case that im going to be getting is the CM 690 II. Fantastic features, tbh i dont see E-ATX as the next form factor. The 690 II will last several years, the cooling is great as you can fit 2x120 rads in the bottom and the psu is cooled by air from outside.


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I wish to suggest as previously mentioned the obisidion 800D, The case is just massive with plenty of room inside, it has room for water cooling, quick install hard drive area and a nice smooth aluminium finish.

Alot of work has gone into the case including the nice black finish everywhere in the case. The only bad thing about the case is the personal choice on if you like the look of it.

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