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As initially a silent watcher gathering info on what to go for - thanks to all the contributors who didnt know it - thought I would give something back.

TX32PH40, had it 3 weeks now and overall impressed with it.

Looks good with a slightly higher than average screen position due to the unusual stand.Doesnt look like a bulky intrusion into the room = stylish.
Sounds good, clear, loud with some bass enhancement but generally running through a seperate av amp.
Intuitive controls clear OSD and fair remote though not backlit.

The Picture ??
just running off an rf lead for analog tv - strong signal area - and its good for a non digital pic. Do have to play around with some of the enhancements depending on prog type ie DDM ( flicker ) on for fast moving action or off for soaps, sometimes colour can look a bit washed out but 3 level adjustment cool - normal - warm to suit tastes. Also balancing contrast colour levels is a bit fiddly as no one setting works for all progs.

DVD looks fantastic via a quality scart, super pic with vivid colour, rich blacks and excellent sharpness.

Excellent connectivity although an included rear closure panel to hide connecters at the back of tv will not fit over Philex thor scart or other bulky connecters, a minor gripe.
The stand has two non adjustable glass shelves which although a good size did not have sufficient height apart to fit a BW LCR60 centre speaker which now sits to one side.
Suitable hideaway cable ducts in the rear lower part of the stand.

Love the PIP features and channel search - snapshot of all tuned channels,
strobe function - freeze frame type continuous pic had 5 mins of fun then never touched again. Gimmick.
Picture sizeing is excellent, can have auto where the tv will decipher the size or use 14:9 or regular 4:3, 16:9 and 3 zoom options though with degraded pic quality and some serious cropping. Only in auto will the pic change uncommanded but its not that often.

can sometimes see faint screen mesh ? to the very edges of the screen in strong colours, not always noticeable, no one else here comments on it but a lattice type effect that I guess is the screen layer itself. Can live with that.
Some colour bleed while watching footie, bear in mind the signal input but deep Chelsea blue shirts on MOTD were not always contained within the shirt !! Convinced that many peoples TV woes particularly colour related are to do with the incoming signal quality and not always the TV but...not sure here.
Found it hard to get a good quality PS2 pic despite using SVHS or scart leads though not yet used 3 cable component which the TV will accept, seems grainy and jagged - not as smooth as scart to old Mitsubishi 50hz semi portable. Digital processing ??

Yes, overall I do like it having looked at a lot at other options, good points outweigh negative issues of which I only have a few at the moment.
Phew, monster opening post. Thanks for making it this far


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