Thoughts on these Klipsch speakers for Atmos 7.2.4 dedicated room


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I've got a roughly 3.45 x 5.7 m (11.3 x 18.7 feet) room that I'm going to make into a home cinema, and I'd love to get any thoughts on my speaker choice please.

4 x Klipsch CDT-5800-C II In-Ceiling Speakers (for Ceiling L&R and Ceiling Rear L&R) - 50W RMS / 200W Peak
4 x Klipsch R-5800-W II In-Wall Speaker (for Surround L&R and Surround Rear L&R) - 50W RMS / 200W Peak

2 x XV15se Subwoofers - 550W RMS continuous, 1650W Peak dynamic

In addition to those, I happen to already have these which I used in my previous place and am now intending to sell:

Klipsch RS-62 II Surround Speakers - 150W RMS / 600W Peak
Klipsch RF-7 II Floor Standing Front Speakers - 250W RMS / 1000W Peak
Klipsch RC-64 II Center Speaker - 200W RMS / 800W Peak

Hopefully these in-wall and in-ceiling speakers won't be a big downgrade in terms of big powerful home cinema sound compared to the RS-62 II, but having said that it's not a massive room so having the in-walls has some advantages.

I'm not sure what to use as my fronts and centre though. Klipsch do an R-5502-W II (75W RMS / 300W Peak) so it probably makes sense to get three of those. Or do you think I'd be better to stick to my set of RF-7 II and RC-64 II (possibly just replace the center?).

I have no idea if they would be a good match to the In-Ceilings & In-Walls for Atmos, or if it's better to stick to one series for everything.


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You have very nice system now, shame you have to sell em but also understandable as the room isn`t the most ideal for RF-7s. Those in-wall/ceiling models aren`t really talked here much as this is UK based forum and Klipsch is overpriced in UK.

Your best bet would be to copy/paste your text and ask it here so you get answers from owners and persons who knows these more.

I would also think about could build "false wall" some wooden base for the Klipsch cinema speakers and then acoustically transparent screen. Then you could use three of these behind the screen.


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Thanks very much for your reply, I've taken your advice and posted my thread on there (it sounds like a mod needs to approve my post first, so it won't show up right away).

The false wall and acoustically transparent screen could be a great way to go yes. Those THX-6000-LCR looks like they'd certainly have impact!

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