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This must get boring for some of you but anyhoo, here goes.
The plans for raising the where-with-all to upgrade my 35mm EOS 300 progress apace and after much review checking and forumming (is that a verb? and if so is that how you spell it?) I reckon the 400D will be the likely candidate, but a guy at work mentioned he will be getting shut of his 20D in March to upgrade to a 5D (the swine). Says he'd want about £250 for the body. Unsure on age but says he's done around 6000 shots on it and a couple of buttons are a bit chipped.
I could be in the market for a shiny new 400D in Feb but as mentioned would have to wait til March for his 20D. I've got a 24-105 USM II to go with whatever I choose. I really enjoy my photography and have had my 35mm for over 4 yrs now but wouldn't consider myself much more than a relatively knowledgeable beginner.
Basically, I'd like some opinions on my next move.

P.S. I have big hands, but I'm not boasting.


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I would try out the 20D and see just how bad the damage is. Sounds like a good option especially if you have big hands. If money is not an issue then you may want to consider the 30D or wait for the 40D. I'm not slamming the 400D though.


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£250 sounds pretty good actually as long as it isn't damaged... hmmm wish I had friends who would sell their old digi bodies this cheap.

I've actually had a play around with the 400D. Nice camera with a nice big screen on the back. Does feel a little small but nothing a battery grip wouldn't sort out. I checked the quality of the photos and they are spot on.

Saying that I preferred my 20D both in feel and the extra options it gives me.

I think either way you'll get a cracking camera since you aren't going Nikon :rotfl: (just kidding Nikon people)


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I personally would be tempted to stear clear of anything with damage. You have to ask yourself how did the buttons get chipped? Has it been dropped etc. With a spanking new 400D you would get warranty etc, with the 20D you wouldn't.

In Jan there will doubtless be deals about for the 30D and 400D in the sales so a good time to buy :)

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