Thoughts on Tamron lenses ?


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Hey all,

I've been looking for a lens solution which obviates the need for me to change lenses - mainly because we do a fair bit of hiking, and I don't want to be carrying too much, or trying to change lenses in adverse conditions. I currently have the Nikkon 18-135mm lens that comes with one of the D80 kits, and am pretty pleased with this lens.

However, I've spotted this Tamron lens which boasts a focal range of 18-250mm, and it looks ideal - not too expensive either.

Does anyone have any experience of Tamron lenses? Are they any good? I don't expect it to be professional grade given the cost, but I wouldn't like to have inferior image quality compared to what I currently have for the sake of a bit of extra reach.

I note it also says that it's "designed exclusively for digital SLR cameras with APS-C sized imager sensors" - what does that mean? I have a D200; would this lens work ?

Any advice and opinions gratefully received.

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Hi mate,

See this review of the Tamron 18-250 (and plenty of other lenses on this site as well).

Hope this helps :thumbsup:


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Thanks for the link. I like that site .The reviews there generally seem to be fairly "temperate"

That review suggests that it does what it says on the box

I think it is pretty daunting to produce a single lens with such extremes of focal length and not expect some weak areas
I only have the UWA 12-24 Tamron and it is a great lens.
I think Tamron is a respectable brand although all Brands ( including Nikon and Canon) make the occasional duff lens and each lens has to be taken on its own merits
Designed for APC-s sized means non full frame.. This is for the Canon 5D and above and the forthcoming Nikon (D3)


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It does seem ok - I'm just in two minds about whether to go for it, or hold off and get an 18-200VR later in the year


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Quite impressed with my cheap Tamron 70-300
This was taken with it, through glass/plexiglass
D80, 70-300 @ 300mm, 1/100 @ f/6. iso 320



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Prefer this one.
70-300 @ 190mm. 1/40 @ f/4.8. iso 100
Resting my hand on the glass and resting the lens hood on my hand.
Bit of a pain, since the end of the lens rotates when focusing.



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Good job the "large cat" was behind the plexiglass though!:D

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Have just bought a Tamron 18-250mm for my Canon 400D. The review mentioned by AFC Lee seems pretty reliable. The barrel distortion and chromatic aberrations are fairly pronounced but can be corrected in post processsing.

I bought it for a cycle tour where the finished pics will be viewed on a digital projector. For this it is ideal, but if you analyse your images at 1:1 pixels on your monitor or produce large prints than you might be disappointed.

In short it is amazingly good for the range and price but is not quite as sharp as (say) my Canon 28-135 lens. As ever a compromise, but I am more impressed with it than I expected to be.

Have attached a snap of my cat taken at 1/60th sec at F6.3 250mm. The close up is at 1:1 to let you judge the detail. I chose this as it is the weakest part of the zoom and the detail is reasonable if not really biting. better results can be obtained at focal lengths of less than 200mm.

Have not had any problems with auto focus which can be a bugbear with extreme range lenses, although this also depends on the body it is used with.


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