Thoughts on move from A80J to A90J


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Hello All,

I know that ultimately this is a question that only I can answer but thought I would reach out to get some opinions and see what others think.

I have a light controlled basement with no windows and the endgame was always to get an OLED however with OLED prices being what they were I decided to go with a 75” LCD in 2016. Last Summer I made the jump from LCD to OLED and after much deliberation decided on the 77” A80J.

I absolutely loved the picture but one thing bothered me…..the size. I had gone from a 55 to a 65 to a 75 and now to a 77. The wow of the picture was there but not the wow of the size that I had experienced with the other jumps. The 83” A90J at that time was roughly twice the price of the 77”A80J. However as I am sure you are all aware the price for the A90J has dropped considerably. So much so that if it had been this price last summer then it would have been a no brainer.

The question I have is will it be worth selling the A80J to get an A90J? What is giving me reason to pause is that the A90J is 6 inches larger but will that give me the wow factor in size as well as picture quality or should I just consider myself lucky that I have a very good A80J panel and call it a day? I sit about 10 -11ft from the screen. At this time a projector is not of any interest but may come into play once I have a larger room.

Again, just looking for some thoughts. I know the decision is ultimately mine to make but interested in what others think and if anyone else is contemplating the same thing.

All the best and thank you for taking the time to read my post.

Thank you


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View from 1ft or so closer and you won't see the difference :D I had a demo of a friends 83" A90J last week and was well impressed this was in a total batcave room. The colours blacks and contrast was exceptional. He had just had it calibrated but the calibrator said it was already almost reference out of the box so had very little to do to get it bang on.

I am getting the 77" A80J if it comes down a bit soon. At the moment here in uk 77" A80J is £2799 where the 83" A90J is £4999 so still nearly twice the price for the extra 6" and a bit better spec.

I could not see the value in spending an extra £2200 for the difference myself. If you are selling your 77" to get the 83" the difference will be even more. I can get a used 1 yr old 77" with 4 yr warranty for £2k so then the difference is over twice the price.


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Ive just moved my 77 to another room and bought the Sony 83 , rather than hang it on the wall ive put it on a tv stand so now its a foot closer to the viewing position . It looks a lot bigger than the 77 !!


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I agree a foot closer to an 83" will certainly pay dividends.

We are going from 65" to 83" and I sit about 7ft from the tv but off centre and the wife sits about 12ft but square on.

I am expecting a big difference to what we have now. :D


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Very pleased with the 83" Sony , quite a big improvement over the 77 C8 . Thanks to Kbfern for pointing out the great deal on it :thumbsup:


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Only just got my 83" A90J up and it's stunning and like new despite being a refurb.


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^Can I ask where you got the cabinet from? Looking for something similar.
Just a simple Ikea unit , I needed it to be quite high to cover sockets etc.

UMAR 3:16

So, I’ve just gone from a 77 C8 to an 83 AJ90. I have brought out the TV from the wall even closer via the bracket and the size difference is massive! IMO you will certainly get a wow factor!

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