Thoughts on buying an open box OLED with 1 year warranty?

I thinking of buying a new TV and I'm whilst looking around I've seen a tv at a price that seems good from a very reputable retailer. It's an open box Philips, and looking at the warranty it will come with 12 months (although I think it might perhaps be covered by a 24 month Philips warranty perhaps). I'm not a big tv watcher myself so this is going to be for the occasional movies and perhaps a little bit of infrequent gaming, as well as my wife watching some soaps and dramas. What I'm looking for is opinions on if you'd feel comfortable buying an open box OLED with this kind of warranty?


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Think there are 2 ways to look at it the first is the obvious one, its been used/opened and whoever which ever customer for what ever reason perhaps did not like it or found dead pixels or banding/screen uniformity issues so perhaps returned it for a refund.

If you can ask the retailer/supplier any reason it was returned or info on it? While at it always worth trying to ask for a discount since its opened. Or better yet, switch it on in store and check for dead pixels.

The other flip side is, you could grab yourself a real bargain and save some money, most retailers/sellers at least in UK have a return period (check with supplier regardless) hopefully you can return it if it has issues like dead pixels/banding and uniformity issues. You don't want to be in a situation you can't return the TV.

After the retailers return period (usually 30 days) its philips that handle all issues with any faults on the units so pretty much like most manufacturers do.

Again this is uk TnC you may have different.

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