Question Thoughts and advice on central location cooling issues please......


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Hi folks,

I'm hoping that the bright and experienced minds on here might be able to share some wisdom with me please.....

In a nutshell, I have a central location that I'll be wanting to add a rack of various bits of A/V equipment to over time, but I'm sure it's going to need some cooling and I'd really appreciate some experienced thoughts on how best to tackle this please!

The more detailed description is I have a bunch of cat6, coax and speaker cables all terminating in a central location in a small (about 4.5' x 4.5') utility "room".

A half height rack should just about fit in here and probably house all the equipment I play to (eventually) get.... This is complicated by a number of things.... Our boiler sits in here. Our hot water cylinder sits in here. A washing machine and a stacked tumble dryer also sit in here.

Oh, and some underfloor heating also terminates in here.....

So there is definitely heat build up - which makes it ever so slightly less than ideal, but it's the only real location for this stuff.

What occurs to me, is that I could put a vent on the top of one of the internal walls to take hot air out of the utility room and into the main room (it's only a stud wall). I could also put an intake vent on another of the internal (also stud) walls to bring cooler air in. With some fans to take the air in / out, as well as some fans on the rack, i'm hoping that this will suffice. But, given the combination of a warm, small room, and very uncertain about airflow and such.

Any thoughts? Are there any things you'd recommend or absolutely NOT do? Also are there any companies out there who'd look at this sort of thing and offer any professional advice?

cheers for any thoughts,


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