Those with Sky + problems Pace V2 box


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After a power cut my box had lost all its recorded stuff and I could not record. The 2nd LNB had no lock. What ever I did to try and fix would not work. Full new system install, full system reset, unplugging LNB's turning the power off to them, holding in the backup on power up still did not work.
Did not really want to call sky as did not want a refub box! They did a few things over the phone I had already done. Of course this did not work.
I thin did another search for a fix and found a fix for when the dual record came in. Holding in 2 button on plugging the power in. heres what I did. It was slightly different from what was on their and I had to do it 4 times but the box has now been working for a week! so no refub box for me!

1. Power off at wall
2. Press and hold left and right cursor buttons (right-hand side next to standby button)
3. With both buttons depressed, power box on at wall. Do not let go off buttons. (you probably need to be a very special person to achieve this on your own - unless you have the power socket right next to the box!!!)
4. Wait 30 seconds or until all of the following happens - standby light goes out, green circle, comes on and flashes then let go of the buttons. The green circle will continue to flash now press the select button the record and play symbols light, now leave the unit until the record and play symbols light's go out. The system will go into standby. Wait a min or 2 then power up.

As I said I had to do this 3 or 4 time before it held with the fix. This may be old news but I did not find this when searching the forum.

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