Thorough Review of the Technomate TM-1500CI+ and the TM-1000 Range

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    TECHNOMATE TM-1000 RANGE (inc. TM-1500CI+)

    Product History:

    After speaking to Technomate, I have understood their philosophy to bring to the market the best product in a category (in this case, the TM-1500CI+ which is the only receiver with a Omnikrypt cam and CI slot built in on the market today). They told me that they spent a year implementing and testing the TM-1000 range to produce the best. It doesn’t stop there as they are constantly releasing updates to provide ongoing support which lacks in some brands. They also told me that they use market research to find what consumers want and produced a receiver to meet their demands and more.


    The TM-1000 range is much smaller than your conventional satellite receiver. The casing has a solid feel and a shiny, silver metallic coating on the front panel which looks really good. Furthermore, the receiver does not get too hot as quickly as other brands. The removable figure-8 cable is also a nice added touch.


    Having tested many receivers, I can emphasise that the Technomate menu system is by far the simplest and easiest menu system you can use. Forget the manual (which can still be improved upon), use your initiative! I can praise their level of English and specifics (let me explain this more)- if you look at other brands’ software, for example, you see the word “Antenna” which is Kinglish (Korean-English) for “Dish”. These types of menus are “off-the-shelf” menus, whereby brand names like Manhattan, Echostar, Fortec, etc do not adjust their language for the English market. However, Technomate has suited the language to English so that it is easily understandable in comparison. Kudos to them. They also have some games like Snake to keep you busy.


    Technomate use a Protection Chip which finds satellites by locating signal…they told me that this ‘super’ chip adds to the manufacturing costs, making their products unique in its accuracy and reliability. The tuner is very sensitive when compared to my old Humax 5400. Even though the manufacturing costs are high, they still have managed to retail a value for money product at £129.

    Differences between Auto Search (most brands have this) and Technomate’s Auto Navigation:

    The difference between Auto Navigation (Technomate) and Auto Search (all other Brands):

    Auto Search will only search 1 satellite at a time whereas Auto Navigation will Link all Satellites at one time, having a hardware signal detecting system which increases the accuracy 100%, and starts searching. This is very good for the user who does not have any experience with a motorised system which saves the user labour charge for an installer without requiring expert knowledge. Furthermore, in Moving mode, it will use Horizontal as 18Volt to increase the speed of the motor. In my test comparison between this and a 36Volt motor, TM-1500CI+ was around 25% slower which is still not bad.

    There could be some repeat channels with this search but it will find PIDs which you can view some scrambled channels. The unique thing about this receiver is that in 5East Sirius, if you go to Advance Search and find this Frequency: 12.697V-SR14.685, it will find the channel: TV Sport RO. However, with the majority of other Receiver Brands, this can not be found, or if found, it will have a different name, no sound or no picture. This is one of the most favourite channels which Football fans want to watch with sound and picture!

    Auto Navigation takes a maximum of one minute to select more than 20 satellites and set up USALS coordinates.


    The Technomate has a Colour Control Function which is unique as it allows you to adjust colour settings accordingly, to make the viewing experience better for the user.

    The picture quality is crisp, polished and defined (of course depending on signal strength).

    Value for money:

    In terms of Value for money, the TM-1500CI+ is the only receiver which has an Omnikrypt/Multikrypt/Reality cam embedded (whatever you like to call it) and 1CI slot. It can therefore read Original cards like: SECA 2, Irdeto, Conax, Viaccess, Digi Alb, ART, etc.

    I have done a calculation to represent how the Technomate is 100% Value For Money:

    4x Original cams at approximately £70 each
    Total of £280
    TM-1500CI+ at £129
    Total for 4x cams and TM-1500CI+ = £409

    However, you only pay £129 for the receiver…you do not need to buy the cams to read your original cards is the receiver can read them for you! This saves you about £280!!

    If you compare this to the Echostar 880 or Manhattan ST-200, you have to add £280 to their cost of the receiver in order to benefit as they can not read the cards with buying a cam! Therefore, the TM-1500CI+ is much, much cheaper than the alternatives.

    BLIND SEARCH Test for TM-1500CI+


    Astra 19E : 138
    Hotbird 13E : 179
    THOR 1W : 41
    Eutelsat W1 10E : 28

    TV Channels:

    Astra 19E : 1314
    Hotbird 13E : 2023
    THOR 1W : 127
    Eutelsat W1 10E : 146

    Technomate use a Sharp tuner for the TM-1500CI+ which they say is the reason why the blind search is slow. However, they also told me that the Sharp tuner is the fastest and most expensive tuner available for Normal and Network search. If it’s blind search you are after and if you are not patient, have a look at the TM-4100 D which is much, much faster. The TM-4100 D can tune:

    1215 channels on Hotbird in 15mins!
    812 channels on Astra 19E in 20mins!
    290 channels on Thor 1W in 8mins! (Most receivers only pick up 20/30 channels)


    TM-1500CI+ Compared to Manhattan Plaza ST-200 and Echostar DSB 880

    Technomate TM-1500CI+:

    TV: 1003, Radio: 386, Total: 1389, Time Taken: 3mins 45secs

    Manhattan ST-200:

    TV: 885, Radio: 357, Total: 1242, Time Taken: 8mins 30secs

    Echostar DSB 880

    TV: 767, Radio: 342, Total: 1109, Time Taken: 17mins 50secs

    As you can see, the Technomate TM-1500CI+ finds much more than the others.


    Technomate TM-1500CI+: 1sec

    Manhattan Plaza ST-200: 1sec

    Echostar DSB 880: under 2secs

    Consumer Poll:

    This Poll is taking place on A*sat forum (04/05/2005):

    What do you think of the 1000 series?

    excellent 127 74.71%
    good 34 20.00%
    needs some more
    features (please state what) 9 5.29%

    Voters: 170.

    If 127 people think the TM-1000 range is Excellent and 34 think it is Good with only 9 thinking it needs improvement, then surely I am not the only one to say that the Technomate TM-1000 range is simply superb and the best-of-the-best.


    • Smart Card Reader which can read any card
    • Colour Control (press red button)
    • Moving Motor Display
    • Onscreen Positioner Adjustment
    • 9x Multi Picture (press blue button)
    • Position per channel memory (you can have 5000 Positions memorised)
    • Protection Chip (finds satellite by locating signal)
    • Fastest Satellite Receiver today which finds 1389 channels in 3mins 45secs
    • Auto Navigation, DiSEqC 1.0/1.2, USALS
    • Super Easy-to-use interface
    • Direct key function by remote


    The only feature which I think it lacks (in this model) is SVHS/Optical Output which I think not many people use anyway (well, I don’t!).

    So, there you have it. Judge the receiver for yourselves!


    Picture quality: 9/10
    Sound quality: 9/10
    Blind Search: 7/10
    Setup: 9.5/10
    Navigation: 9/10
    Performance: 9/10
    Features: 9/10
    Build quality: 9/10
    Price/value: 10/10

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