Thomson 44RW65US Grey bar fault, mod avaliable

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by bob007, Jul 12, 2002.

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    Any members having problems with the Thomson 44RW44US RPTV in which grey vertical bars can be seen, there is a modification to cure the problem. Thomson are aware of this fault.

    Iv'e had the Thomson 44" rptv for nearly 2months and noticed grey vertical bars on some scenes, these bars were right across the screen. Booked an engineer to come out to have a look, well what a PRATT, he took one look and said " well you know rptv's are not as good as your tubed sets, all rptv are a compramise, and all rptv's have these lines on". Well i knew i wern't going to get far with him, I told him in not so many words to vacate my front room and take a long walk off a short pier.

    Got straight back on to them and told them to send someone out with more than 2 brain cells. It was monday just gone when another engineer called, what a diamond, as soon as the set was switched on he said "They shouldn't be on there, all the other rptv's i have seen have produced very good pictures, some better than tubed sets".

    He couldn't do anything on site, but said he would go on the Thomson's forum and look for some information, he has just rung back this morning with the answer, apparently it is the resistor on the voltage coil, the modification requires changing the resistor from 100 ohm/amp whatever, to 330.

    They have ordered the part, but will have to wait till after the 20th to fit it, as we are going away, so hopefully when we get back within a few days it should be sorted.

    From what the engineer has said, i have confidence this mod will work, will post the results when mod has been fitted.

    Fingers crossed.


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