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Thomson 42WB02S

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs' started by billygoat, Oct 27, 2003.

  1. billygoat


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    I am not an expert on plasma screens by any means, but I figured I'd share my experiences with this screen anyway, since there's hardly any info here. I can start by saying the info provided by CrumpetMan on this thread is entirely accurate.

    Since reasonably priced plasma screens are not easy to come by in Belgium, I was surprised to find the Thomson 42WB02s for 4000 euro here in a store (Vandenborre). It had all all the features I wanted and it looked pretty good in the store. It looked better in any case than the equally priced Samsung and the 5000 euro Philips 9955. The only downside seemed to be the low contrast (600:1) and the low resolution (852 x 480).

    The screen was delivered to me, but after setting it up, the delivery guy and me noted some bad pixels. They weren't dead, but just weren't showing the proper color when projecting blue and red colors (is this the so-called subpixel problem?) The delivery guy took note that unless the problem should go away, I would get a replacement. I know enough of these things to know it wouldn't, but figured I'd give it a go anyway.

    The image quality was pretty good on terrestrial. Better than I expected anyway. But I noticed many artefacts that I believe to be due to downsampling from PAL resolution, such as nasty pans and jaggies were you wouldn't expect them. Some smearing and halos were also sometimes evident.

    Image quality on DVD (RGB) was a mixed bag. Some DVDs (ie Lion King, Phone Booth, THe core) were gorgeous to look at. Often I forgot about the movie just to stare at the screen with an open jaw. But other DVDs were simply desastrous, such as (the badly encoded) The Untouchables, but more surprisingly the Sopranos (Season 3 (R1)). In short: as long as the camera stayed put, image quality was reasonable to spectacular. But any type of camera movement made your eyes water on badly encoded DVDs.

    I don't know if this is typical for the 42WB02S or if it's just the mere size of the screen itself, or the technology of plasma TVs in general which was responsible for the poor image quality. But there you have it.

    And then there was the pixel-problem. The retailer couldn't find me a replacement screen, which was weird since it was mere days after a so-called new screen had been delivered to me. Eventually, they sourced me one in France, which I didn't want, considering I didn't like the screen anyway. They then refused to give me my money back. The best I could do was a store credit. Since I probably won't be going down the plasma route again, I now have ample funds to buy a new CRT as well as dozens of blenders.

    Anyway, long story short: all in all, my plasma experience hasn't been a very positive one, due to a combination of a lousy retailer, a mediocre screen and probably a type of technology that is not really my cup of tea after all.

    You live and learn.

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