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I bought the Thomson 40KW613 2 weeks ago and i'm quite happy with it. After fiddling with the convergence for
quite a time now a managed to get a very good picture and the crosses actually overlap now.

I still have a slight problem though, on the left side there remains
a narrow stripe ( about a quarter of an inch ) from top to bottom
which still looks too green and on the right side there is a
triangular shape about 1*1 inch which looks more brown than it should be, mostly noticeable when there are white backgrounds e.g. a ski transmission.

Are these still convergence issues? If not can somebody advise me what would be a good value for the purity seting of white etc.
in the service menu.

Anybody got expierience with Thomson RP tvs, is this still
inside the tolerance level? Am i being too picky?

As it is quite big and the delivery into my house in a very narrow street and just making it through the door with the TV i would rather want to avoid a replacement.

i hope somebody can answer my questions,

tyvm in advance,



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Ok i made a screenshot to illustrate the problem better,
maybe somebody who owns a Thomson RP can tell me
if this is bad enough to demand a replacement, if the engineer
can't fix it.



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