Thomson 40KW413 for £399 at Makro???


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Sep 19, 2005
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Hello everyone,

In the market for a new TV and very interested in rear projection as the screens are massive for the money :eek: I know the quality is not brilliant but I have looked in Currys lately and I have been impressed but the improvements over a few years ago.

Anyway. got my Makro mail today and see that they are offering a Thomson 40KW413 for £399 (+ 17.5%) = £468 ish.

Is this TV any good??

Also, I saw a Sony KP44PX3 on Ebay for £649 (new) which looks like a much nicer TV :confused:

Any advice or help with bargains gratefully accepted :lease:
Funnily enough I came to this page because I was searching via Google for info on the Thompson as I got my Makro Mail today and saw the offer, I guess Google found it via you mentioning the model name. Not much info out there, unless Makro have the model number slightly wrong or missing a dash or something.

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