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I saw the Thomson TV 32WB643S in Comet over the weekend. Interested in this TV because of the various connections, proce and I believe it is futureproof.

The Q is that does this TV has to sit on the intergrated TV stand? Without its own stand, it looks as if it is standing on 'two front legs' and subwoofer bulging from the bottom looks weird! (see attached picture) :(

Reason being is that I have recently bought an TV/A-V entertainment cabinet so the new TV has to sit on this unit rather than on it's own TV stand.

Any advice is appreciated :thumbsup:


i had mine on a seperate a/v unit and it looked ridiculous. it only looks good on it's own stand. and there's a big thread about this tv on this very page, how did you miss it?


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Why did it look so ridiculous? Did the TV sit flat on the a/v unit?

I was thinking of putting a 643s on a 1m wide Alphason stand (to fit all my AV gear underneath), so any comments would be much appreciated.
well, it stands on the two legs you can see in the pic and a reinforced rubber washer type thing on the base of the sub woofer bulge. where the stand was to fit in to. it sits kinda like a tri pod. the bulge is much bigger than that pic shows. it really does depend on what you're current unit looks like. height, width, style etc,. you won't know if it fits with your stand till you try it, unfortunately


I have a Unit I bought from Argos, it is 1.25Metres. I keep my video and satellite under it.
I used to have a Schneider 32widescreen which I bought from Asda - luckily it died two weeks before the waranty ran out and I got a full refund.
so I guess the Thomson would be a lot better tv. I know the sun sticks out but as long as it can stand on it's feet it should be ok - I have a Sony AV amp for the sound.

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