Thomson 32WB643S Stockists?


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Hi all,

just wondering if anyone had seen the WB643 in the wild?

comet have it for £799.99
unbeatable have it for £726.99 (went out of stock earlier this week :( )

Empiredirect have it, but around £796, and no response to my email asking them to pricematch unbeatable, sent about 1 week ago, so I'm already unimpressed with them..

anyone know anywhere else?

preferably at or below the unbeatable price.




Hi Mathew

I have been looking at this TV also. I think the unbeatable price you quote is w/o delivery. With delivery it comes to 750 odd. I went to my local Comet to have a good play, but unfortunately they don't have any on display. I was advised to go to one of their superstore, nearest one about 16 miles away. My nephew works at Comet so I plan to get 10% discount when I do go ahead!


I have been considering this tv. Unbeatable are out of stock at the moment, I sent them an email and they said they would do a back order, it would take around ten days.

Also Unbeatable have it for £650 without stand. Around £730 with stand. So the stand costs around £80 and looks crap compared to other brands. Although the 32WB863 stand looks better.

I want to get more info on this tv though before I buy. What is the menu system like? What trick functions does it have?

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