Thomson 32WB643S question...


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... and it's a dumb one!

I'm not exactly brimming with knowledge on Television equipment, so while this might sound like a totally ignorant question to ask, I'll have to ask it anyway.

Basically, is the Thomson 32WB643S exactly the same as the 32WB643? You know, the one without the 'S' at the end of the model number? I've found the same store selling them for different prices - the 'S' one was cheaper because it was being sold without the stand.

This made me think that this might be the only difference, yet Comet have the 'S' model up for sale with the stand included.

Most of the specs seem the same, but I admit to my ignorance in these matters and I'd just like to be entirely certain of the facts before I make a purchasing decision.

Thanks for the help!


I think the Thomson 32 WB 843 S comes with the stand and the glass, while the 32 WB 643 S comes without them.

Also it looks like those are the model numbers for the UK, they are called 32 WB 842 S and 32 WB 642 S in the rest of the Europe.

BTW, did you have a chance to took a look at it? How was the picture quality?
I am considering to buy it soon ...



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Yeah, those were my thoughts as well.

I haven't seen the set in action yet, but just dropped their prices by £50 quid, nudging comet from the best price I've seen online. They're 'awaiting stock' and on 'special order', and I can't find anything indicating how long each would take to arrive if I ordered from there.

That said, if you mentioned that the serial no. is 32WB642 in the rest of europe, it's likely you're outside the UK and this wouldn't affect you.

By all accounts, however, this TV is one of the best for the price it's being offered at - it was considered a bargain at £1000 in December, and it's dropped at least £200 in that time. Other than a noted problem with subtitles and some required geometry bending to fix the picture when first set, it seems like the perfect buy.

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