Thomson 32WB643s Problem....



Have just bought the above and have noticed two "problems" with it and wonder if anybody that has a bit more technical knowledge or experience of this TV could help......

1. There is a highish pitch "buzz" or whine from the rear/internals of TV when on which can clearly be heard above the TV/film soundtrack and is also present with the mute on,when on the teletext pages also : this is really annoying and makes watching the set nigh on impossible.

2.The buzz changes in pitch when the frames change on the screen, ie if the adverts come on and have some text in the screen its louder.

3. There appears to be a "bend" on the top 2 or 3 cm of the screen for the entire width- the picture is distorted so that what should be a straight line for example the side of a building has a bend in it making it look wavey or the tops of peoples heads are deformed.(Changing the format ie 16/9 or cinerama makes no differnce.)
This is most noticable when the football score are displayed in the top left corner during the match ( for UK viewers I guess).
This is also present when watching video or DVD ( scart connections).
Any advice or suggestions welcome ( Engineer due to call on Friday 20th) but I think I'll have to reject the set...................

Mark TKO

I have had this set for a month or so now.

Two problems I have had :

i) you basically can't watch anything with the internal sub woofer on - the whole set vibrates to the extent you think its going to explode !

ii) it can't handle teletext subtitles - try it you will see what I mean. Thomson are now aware of this problem so I am waiting to hear from them

I haven't had any of the problems you mention so it sounds like its just your particular set rather than the range.

Will keep you posted if I find anything else

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