Thomson 32WB642/3S 720p or Not?


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This is my first post to AV Forums, I'm sorry to start a new thread but I think that this question requires one. From reading other threads regarding this TV, it is apparent to me that there is some confusion surrounding the Progressive or HDTV support of this TV.

I am in the market for a new 32” CRT and due to owning an NTSC-XBOX, NTSC-Gamecube, a few hundred R1 DVDs, and having access to some WM9-HD material on my PC, I’m eager to find a TV that supports preferably 480p, 720p and/or 1080i.

From what I can gather, my options are rather limited. From hours of reading on these forums reveals that only three 32” sets seem to exist.

Panasonic 32PD30
Thomson 32WB642/3S or 32WB842/3S

So I understand that the Panasonic can only support 480p.
JVC supports 480p and 1080i but NOT 720p
Thomson supports 480p and possibly 720p but NOT 1080i

Searching the web reveals nothing. It seems that there is a mismatch of information from Thomson Greece, France and UK. The last contradicting the first two’s claim of 720p. :suicide:

I suppose the ultimate question is:

Has anyone actually tested 720p material on the Thomson??? If so what where your results?

Please, someone put me out of my misery so I can get a new TV before the wife changes her mind. ;)



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I have the 642S and although half of the retailers say it has 720p, the rest say it doesn't...

I haven't tried it with such a feed yet, but if you go to the tv menu and where it says AV options, go to AV4 (the component input) and you'll see there is a HD option. I don't expect it to be HD ready, but it seems likely that it supports 720p feed.

I'd seen this TV with a Sony 930 in the past and looked amazing. Better that any RGB (like the old Chinese player I have at the mo).

I'm now waiting for a new JVC XV-N316 PALprog player to arrive from France, and I'll let you know if it looks ok, very soon!

Your wife would appreciate the (additional) Thomson STTB320 stand very much; It looks very nice, although it holds only 2-3 AV components!!


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Thanks for the response Ilias.

It does sound promising what you have seen in the menu. Hopefully someone on these forums can test this and report their findings soon.

If 480p is only supported then I think I would prefer the Panasonic PD30. I prefer its looks and I'm more familiar with having Panasonic gear. Saying that, I would still have a difficult choice left regarding the JVC... I love the idea of the 1080i but the TV itself to my taste, is a bit on the ugly side.

Of course if the Thomson is indeed 720p compatible then I will go and buy the Thomson immediately. It isn’t too ugly and would have more functionality over the Panasonic.

It’s a very hard decision indeed. I just wish there was a CRT in Europe that supported all HD modes. The US seems to be spoiled for choice!

/rrc :confused:


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I had exactly the same models in mind when I was about to buy my new 32".
The Thomson 32642S, Panasonic 32PD30 and JVC 32P37.

I rejected the JVC bacause it doesn't perform in tv programmes as good as the other two, and the Panasonic because it has some compatibility problems with certain DVD-players if you use progressive scan. And it was too expensive as well. Admittedly, the Panny has the best design, indeed...
It's the most wife-approved TV of the three, but Thomson looks great too!
I still believe that I made the right choice, though!

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