Thomson 32 inch problems advice needed


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I have owned a Thomson 32 inch 100 hertz set for just over 1 month and seem to be having a few problems.
I bought the set from comet and have allready had a engineer out to check the tv as the screen was slightly til;ted but this was easily corrected via the menus.

I did mention to the engineer that I could see a slight colur stain in the top right of the screen but he said that all large screens would display such problems and if I returned the set for a replacement then ther set that would come in exchange would probably have a similar problem elsewhere on the screen.

I took his word for this but now I have noticed a really annoying fault that is driving me crazy.
Without warning the tv will start to have a ripple effect on the edges of the screen and will move down the screen from top to bottom as if it is scanning the screen.
The problem is it does not display this fault all the time and knowing my luck when the engineer calls it will be working fine.

Can anyone advise me on what this problem might be called and also what course of action I should take with comet as I have now had the tv for just over a month.




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Hi m8

Sorry to hear about the probs your having with your Thomson 32".

Would it by any chance be the 32WF45 model??

I did have 3 of these from Comet and then a Toshiba 82zd16 which also had problems.

see my previous thread:

Had a bit of a fight with Comet to get me money back, and eventually got a Sony 28LS60 from John Lewis, which is stunning.

Dont know what the rippling effect is on your set, but the first Thomson I had did have major colour staining problems. I did find the Comet engineers quite helpful when they called, but the staff instore were not so helpful........usual story, couldn't give a monkeys unless you were in the shop to spend money. The bottom line is your set should not be going wrong after only 1 month, although if its over 28 days they will not refund or replace until it has been into the service centre for inspection.

You could try to kick up a fuss in the store, especially when theres lots of customers around as the staff wont want them to hear your complaints. Quote the sale of goods act as your goods have not been of satisfactory quality for a "reasonable period of time" etc.

Anyway hope this helps for starters, let me know how you get on.



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The set I have is the 32wf401g.
I visited comet today and as you predicted I recieved the offer of a engineers inspection and if a fault was found then they would repair the tv.

I flatly refused the offer of a repair as I stated that found it totally unaceptable for a tv that cost £700 to find itself under the screwdriver in such a short space of time.

On pointing out that this fault was pointed out to there engineer on his visit when the tv was less than a week old they checked his report and he had not bothered to mention anything regarding this stain only the fact that he had corrected the tilt on the screen.

We finally agreed that a engineer would visit me on Monday to check the tv and take things from there but at the moment they seem intent on repairing the set if a fault is indeed found.

I will report back on Monday with the next installment.



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Well the latest installment in this sad tale is as follows.
I managed to convince Comet that I had reported the fault on the tv within the first 28 days and they sent out a engineer to inspect the tv.
He accpeted that the tv was just about faulty and he was trying to imply just like the first engineer that all big screen tvs have colour patches on them.
I made it crystal clear that I was not going to part with £700 for a tv that had clear faults and in some ways was worse than the mother in laws £100 beko!!.

The replacement date was set and it turned up today.
Now I have a set that is even worse than the fisrt:mad: .
The replacement set has a very major green/yellow patch on the left side of the screen and a minor one at the top middle.

I have now spoken to Comet and told them that I was not prepared to accept another Thomson as from what I have read on these forums they seem prone to colour staining .
Thankfully the woman at the store was extremely helpfull and all I need to do is have a engineer visit on Saturday morning to confirm that this set is indeed worse and then they have agreed to refund me.

I would welcome any suggestions on what might be a good set to go for once I recieve my refund.
The Thomson was a 100hz set and would have been superb if it wasnt for these staining problems.
Would I be better of going for a 50hz set or sticking with 100hz?.
I only have a budget of approx £800 for the new set.



Martin Gibson


I would simply say that a budget of £800 can buy you a damn good TV if you take the time to look around (especially internet).

Have a look through this forum for comments on the popular Toshiba 32ZD26P (and others makes/models) and get an idea of where people are getting the best discounts, after sales support and any technical problems that can be expected from particular models.

Try this for instance

There is something to be said by getting a 'top of the range' widescreen TV with all the bells and whistles at a knockdown price.

Visit local stores to see the TV's in operation but search the internet for best prices. is a useful guide but also check the forums for people finding even better deals (some of the best deals are often unadvertised).

Also decide which future proof video connections you may want.


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If i was you I would finish with the thompson and go either for the ls60 sony or the toshiba zd26 which is slightly more. I mean why pay all that money for the thompson and get cr*** and pay a little more and get the toshiba which has better picture than any thompson or panasonic I have seen!!! I saw a dvd on the toshiba with an ordinary dvd player (i think it was an aiwa) and the picture quality was brilliant!!

hope this help

Ive decided to go for the pixel plus 9617 dispite all the negative feedback.


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Sorry to hear of your latest problems......................sounds exactly like what happened to me!!

If the engineer comes out and confirms the problem with the new set, then under Comets 28 day policy you would be entitled to a full refund, as they would treat this 2nd TV as a new sale. Thats what I did after the 4th set from Comet was faulty, take the money and go elsewhere.

After carefull consideration of the comments on this fab forum, I decided to go for the Sony KV28LS60, which has been fantastic from day 1. Went to John Lewis for this one and they did a great pricematch plus free 5 year warranty.

Lets just say I will not go near another Comet/Currys/Dixons when I come to buy any other gear in the future.

Good luck anyway


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Thanks for the replies.
I am definately going to try a different set as the Thomson has on closer inspection 3 colour stains (left/middle , top/left ,right/middle) and I also noticed when using as basic setup dvd that when I played the red/green/blue test screens a blue kind of "hotpsot" could be seen near the centre of the speaker.

Obviously on a lot of broadcast pictures these faults blend in somewhat into the picture and you only see these glitches when the picture contains things like sky etc.

I would not go as far to say that Thomson are garbage as I think if these problems did not exist it would be a cracking set as the picture is really good.
However I think Thomson need to look into the way this set and others that use this tube are manufactured as it is obvious that I am not alone in having bad luck as thepange also had no luck with this type of tube.

I did see the thread on the Tosh set from john lewis but one of my main considerations is a decent cabinet that will house my mordaunt short 905 centre speaker which is quite big.

Hopefully the comet engineer will not argue the toss with me tomorrow regarding these stains and I can then proceed with a refund and look elsewhere for a replacement.



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Ok latest update

This saga has taken another twist today after the comet engineers visit.
I decided the best possible way to show him these stain problems was to play a red test card from a dvd I own and this highlighted 2 pale blue patches , one at the bottom and one at the top of the screen.
One seeing this he removed my Mordaunt Short 905c and blamed this speaker for the problems I was having.
I will admit that when he moved the 905c speaker it did effect the picture so I thought that maybe the speaker had a slight fault and a trip back to Richersounds for a replacement would be the order of the day.

The engineer used the degaussing wand on the set and even though the blue patches where still evident he left advising me to leave it a coupel of days to see if the patches would go using the degaussing circuit in the tv.

I have turned the tv on and off approx a dozen times in the 4-5 hours that have passed and the problem is still there on the screen.
Seeing that I had the tv positioned in front of a radiator I thought I would move the set to the other side of the room just to see if this was effecting the set and a strange thing happened to the picture.
Every part of my room seems to effect the tv in differetn ways , the pale blue patches move to various parts of the screen and they even turn to dark blue or even green blotches!!!.

My question as you can guess is what the hell is going on with my tv? am I living in a magnetic zone or something as no mater where I position the set I get these problems.

I placed the Mordaunt Short speaker on top of my 21inch Aiwa bedroom tv and there is not a hint of interference to be seen so it does not look like it is faulty.

I am thinking that maybe this set is ultra sensitive to anything magnetic?.

Any help would be appreciated as I need to know what my next move can be regarding comet etc.




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...........and the saga continues..........................................

I think you're right when you say that these Thomson sets may be very sensitive to their surroundings, the fact that your other TV wasnt affected by the speaker on top seems to prove this. Also quite a few other people on this forum have had identical probs with their Thomsons.

I must admit when I was on my 3rd Thomson from Comet, I was beginning to think the same thing, but then I remembered that my good old Hitachi 21" had been sitting in the same position for years and hadnt any probs. Also i've had the Sony now for 5 months and not a trace of colour staining or interference.

I think if I were you, I would definitely get back onto Comet as soon as possible. Just explain that the fault was temporarily sorted by the engineer but the problem has returned a short time later and you now wish a refund.

The funny thing was in my case, I sat in the house for about six saturdays in a row waiting for either the engineer or the delivery staff coming round my house. If it has gone on any longer I was gonna ask them to move in!

Anyway, hope you get this sorted out m8!



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Yes latest news is as follows.

I decided to look at a alternative to the Thomson and I ended up choosing a 28" Philips 28DW6557 idtv which was delivered yesterday.
Obviously I have had to loose actual tube size and also gone back to 50hz rather than the 100hz that the Thomson offered.

Plus points upto now are very good picture and acceptable sound performance.
I have noticed a slight geometry problem at the top left and bottom right of the screen but this can only be seen when watching sky news etc where they use "headline" banners at the bottom of the screen.
The "banner" has a slight downward curve in the top right of the screen and a slight upward curve in the bottom right of the screen.
After reading various threads on this forum I have come to the conclusion that if you do end up buying a set with perfect geometry then you have been very lucky.
Other than this the picture does not display any colour staining or patches that plague the last set.

As for the 100hz v 50 hz I think the picture on the 100hz Thomson was a touch soft when I compare it to this set and I can see why some people cannot stand the look of a 100hz picture.

I will go on record saying that Comet where quite good in dealing with my problems , I think this might have been due to a very helpfull lady at the store who was very sympathetic to my cause.
The engineer who insisted I should forget about the problems the Thomson and just carry on watching the tv was less than helpfull and to be honest quite annoying.

So I am now quite happy .
If anyone with a Philips set can offer me any advice on possibly correcting the slight picture problem I have decribed it would be appreciated.


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