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Thomson 28WH201S - possible problem

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Sammy26, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. Sammy26


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    I have recently purchased the Thomson 28WH201S widescreen TV and I think there may be a problem with it. I was wondering if any of you kind folk could help ease my worries;

    When I plug in the TV and press the power button I get the usual red standby light. However, when I press the power/channel/OK button on my remote control I hear the TV trying to kick into life (a humming noise that get gradually louder) only for it to stop with a quiet thud from the speakers. This happens every time I try to turn my TV on in this way.

    When I hold down any of the above remote control buttons however it will always power up my TV. It takes about 2 seconds of holding down the button for it work but it works every time.

    Also, when I turn the TV off from the power button on the front of the TV and then back on again it switches on the TV without a problem (if I press this button in standby mode it returns to standby mode when pressed on).

    Could the fact I have to hold the remote control button down to get the TV out of standby mode be for safety reasons - to prevent people accidentally turning on their TV's? Or could the humming noise be it tying to work (capacitors charging?) only for the extra push from constantly sending the signal to power on finally give it the extra boost it needs.

    The fact it also switches on every time after being switched off from the TV power button is strange if it is a faulty TV.

    If anyone can give advice it would be appreciated, I am going to try a demonstration model in a shop once it is built to see if it just my TV.

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