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Thompson HDMI problem no output


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I have a Thompson Sky HD box thats having problems. The sky was working fine one day and the next I lost the HDMI output, I also have the RGB scart plugged in and still have a picture so I know the box is working.

The sky is plugged into HDMI 1, PS3 HDMI 2 and my Teac DVD/MP3 player into HDMI 3. The strange thing is when i have Sky plugged into the TV I lose the signal to other HDMI sockets.

I have tried different cables all with same results, I have also tried it with the cable left in the tv and unplugged from the Sky and the tv works fine.

I haven't had problems with my Sky box before, the software is up to date.

Cheers for any ideas.


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Hi, welcome to the forums....

If you look around here, you will find that the Thomson boxes have problems with their power supplies, these issues manifest themselves in many different ways.

The first thing I would suggest is to power the box off at the mains socket, wait for a minute, then plug it back in and see if this resolves the issue. If it does, great, you can choose to live with it until something else goes wrong, which, if it's a Thomson with the original power supply, it will.

You can also phone Sky, tell them the box is faulty and explain it's an original Thomson, and you SHOULD get a free callout with a replacement box. The key here is to be nice to the Sky agent, explain patiently that you have had this box for a number of years, you're very happy with the service. Basically, suck up :blush:.


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Thanks for the welcome,

I have unplgged the box several times with no difference. I been looking through the forum and can only find power supply problems which it maybe.

I didn't mention that the box with the problem is my second box in the bedroom which I bought off ebay a year ago to replace with standard non-plus multiroom box so I dont think sky would replace it free of charge.

I will try a new power supply and see if it makes a difference.



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If you are paying the £10 monthly multiroom subscription then Sky will still replace the box, again, be nice and you will probably get away without the £65 callout fee. It is worth a call before spending any money on repairs.


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I have tried a capacitor kit on my original PSU and no difference I then tried a new PSU and again still the same. Not sure what else to try.


That couldn't be easier. Call Sky, tell them you have an old Thomson receiver, and choose between their offers, of a free 500gB replacement, or a £149 one - and if they don't make that offer on the first call keep calling until they do, for Persistence Pays, as you'll find in numerous other threads and posts in this sub-forum.


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Hang on a minute.... did you say it was a multiroom box thats giving the trouble???
If so then the first thing I would do would be to swap the two boxes over... if the fault moves with the box then it's deffo the box and you should go down the "phone sky and ask for a new box" route. If the fault stays in the same place then you need to look elsewhere - cabling or the TV itself

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