This would definitely irritate me!


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Yes, but not connecting a smart TV to the net pretty much defeats the point. Panasonic do something similar with their Freeview PVRs, I believe. Personally, I find this sort of thing inexcusable. It shouldn’t be forced upon you, you should be able to opt in/out, as you see fit.



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I don't need a smart TV, my device connected does all of my "smart" requirements.
And how long do you think it will be before some upgrade adds the same "feature" to those devices? o_O


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As virtually all of it free open source software, I would suspect never!
Err.... The fact that some of the components and applications used by the various streaming device manufacturers are based on open source software makes no difference to thevsituation whatsoever for the vast majority of users who will be using them in their "out of the box" build configuration as opposed to the small minority of "tech savvy" users such as yourself (?) who may be capable of taking comp,ete control if the drbuces by running cudtomided software builds to minimise any manufacturer provided custom components.......



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The home menu with cards for switching between apps and sources is a very strong feature of the LG. The apps themselves, Netflix, Prime, Youtube, iPlayer, NowTV are better than the apps on my ATV 4K and I suspect together would be better than other boxes too, so forced ads are very irritating, even if ad supported free content is fair enough.

Annoying trailers also appear before iPlayer, Prime, and NowTV shows. The Netflix app auto-plays trailers as you browse which is irritating and I suspect the next Apple TV version and Apple+ and Disney+ will do this.
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Well for instance I can't foresee Kodi or Mediaportal ever coming up with ads when you launch it.
Well as mentioned earlier pc media streamers are I would imagine a relatively small mimority of movie streaming users aare using mediaforce on pc compared to embedded devices like apple TV, nvidia shield and Amazon firestick etc.

As for Kodi - probably agree for the "pure" version but as theres so many different forks out there and "fully loaded" customised builds then I am not so sure about the ongoing integrity of those....
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