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Hi All,

I have just returned from a good and busy weekend at a hotel near Elstree studios. As you can guess, the Big Brother contenstants are also staying in this hotel, but my purpose of the visit wasn't to see Big Brother at all (honest!) but because my best mate is currently filming for a new BBC series, to be aired later this year, it was just coincidence that everything happened.

However, it was fun getting to meet and talk to the cast of Big Brother, if albeit a bit surreal, considering we have just been watching them on an almost daily basis for the last 3 months.

Pete & Nikki turned up late Saturday night, and everything kicked off - what with the paparazzi and the more aware fans, the flashing of camera's everywhere, people all desperate to get a photo with Pete & Nikki - but I have to say every single one of them gave up hours just talking to people, having mobiles handed to them so they can talk to everyones mates, having pictures taken of them, and autograph requests...I think they know this "fame" is going to be short lived so they are enjoying it while it lasts.

Pete in particular was superb - and just as funny and easy going in real life. Due to some devastating news for a member of our group, we asked if Pete would go over and cheer her up by just saying hello. Instead, he came over to our room, and basically sat with us for about 20 minutes, chatting to everyone, cracking jokes, telling us what the "experience" was like, telling us about his band ( and cheering up our mate! He's an extremely likable and funny person and I think a well deserved winner of BB! :smashin:

I got serenaded by Shabaz (Don't Cry for me Argentina - if your interested! :D ) who he also called, handsome, needless to say he didn't get my room number! :eek:

Mikey was really cool, and again extremely easy to talk to and willing to give up some of his time to sit and chat with you, the same for Richard..

Lisa was just as foul mouthed in real life - she really doesn't care who hears what she has to say!

I'm not sure if this was part of the "act" but Nikki went mental as she was walking through the hotel, something about paparazzi following her - what else would you expect?


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Nope - I'm not sure why she wasn't there, maybe she is staying at home, or maybe she had a breakdown after the interview on Friday?

Either way, she wasn't one I would have wanted to meet to be honest - I don't think there was anything bad about her, but she was a bit like Marmite to me! :D

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