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Discussion in 'TV Show Forum' started by PoochJD, Aug 11, 2004.

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    As usual, some quick notes on stuff coming-up next week on TV.

    1) The Sopranos, Season 5, starts Monday 16th August on C4 at 11pm.

    2) Six Feet Under, Season 4, starts Tuesday 17th, on C4 at 11:05pm.

    3) Nip/Tuck will be shown each Wednesday, starting tonight on C4 at 10pm, but also gets a weekly repeat, the following Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, around Midnight - in case you missed it.

    4) Making Waves, has been permanently dropped by ITV from the schedules. The Radio Times has had confirmation from the ITV schedulers, that because of low ratings, they have no intention of repeating the show in a different time slot, and nor will they be concluding the series by airing the final three episodes either! Seems like ITV are aiming to become the new C4! :rotfl:

    5) Third Watch, Season 4 Episode 3 onwards, will return in early-September, in the daytime 11am slot on C4.

    6) BBC2 are devoting their post-11pm slots next week, to a short season of foreign-language titles not seen on Terrestrial TV before. Titles include "101 Reykjavik" and "Time Out".

    7) Five is showing a rather cool retro collection of Classic Kids TV clips on Thursday 19th, between 9-10:30pm. However, unlike most clips shows, they will be broadcasting quality stuff like old TV ads similar to the Charlie Says series, or the Green Cross Code Man, and clips from BBC Saturday morning shows like Saturday Superstore, Swap Shop, and the infamous Margaret Thatcher being ruthlessly questioned (well, interrogated) by kids! :devil:

    8) The Osbournes - Series 2.5 - starts on Channel 4, from this Friday (13th August). These episodes have not been seen before on UK TV, in their full and uncut versions - not even on MTV!

    9) BBC1 airs "Fist Of Legend" a wacky, badly-dubbed Cantonese martial arts film, on Friday 20th August, at Midnight. It's being shown uncut and uncensored, and in Widescreen, but not in the original language. Could be fun post-pub entertainment!

    10) A good horror movie on, too, this next week. It's "The Fiend" with Peter Cushing, airing on BBC1, at 1:45am, late Friday 20th, early Saturday 21st.

    11) If you still haven't heard, Premiership football returns to the BBC. "Match Of The Day" will run on Saturday nights, but there will also be "Match Of The Day 2" on Sunday nights on BBC2, with even more football highlights. (And it won't be repeats from the previous night's show on BBC1, neither!)

    12) Oh, and there's something called The Olympics starting soon, too, but I don't know much about that. :laugh:


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