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Anyone here bought this? Stuck it on my wishlist as it looks decent.
Yeah, i made a thread a few weeks ago. its a really engaging game. Theres plenty of stuff to do and it can be pretty tough at times.

Definitely worth buying imo.:thumbsup:

Edit: Just read the review and i dont necessarily agree with it. The combat can be tough but you got to remember you're a civilian and it's not meant to be easy to overpower a gun wielding bandit or 3... Its not perfect but i dont believe it's meant to be a key mechanic of the game. It's more about avoiding conflict and scavenging for what little you can get your hands on.

The character interaction i agree could be a little better but i think it's something they'll work on and add later and it can be as grim as you let it or treat it like a game if you want. It's all to do with the player.
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