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Hi bevette, Id watch out for which screen you are getting as myself have a 16x9 V4 screen which is great, ( matt white ) 90" but a friend of mine just got a V5 screen here is the problem, his screen has a shine over it which makes everything look like there is a speckle of silver all over the screen, even in HD it looks worse than mine playing normal dvd. 3 of us have looked at his and all agree we couldnt and wouldnt watch a film on the v5. And ive heard most of the v6 screens has the same problem. I hope you get a pure
matt screen and not the glossy speckled SH.. he got.
There are a few people on these forums with the same problem..


I've got the V6. Agreed, the V5 that i had did have some serious fibreglass coating which resulting in speckles. I agree about difficulties with hi-def material as the speckles stood out even more.

I've now got the V6. There is a minor shininess with the screen but its barely noticeable. Overall i'm happy with it since it does what you pay for. If you want the creme de la creme you should pay top dollar. If you get a screen cheap expect some compromise. On the whole though i'd say that for what you pay the V6 is an absolute bargain.


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Thanks for your inputs - I might spend more on a screen, but on a manual. At the momment I can't afford everything, but I would rather pull the screen down, than loose picture quality

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