This Jeffrey Archer thing


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it's bloody brilliant. very polictically riskque for the Beeb too... even going as far to point a nod at that rumour about the Queen!

Charles and Phillip having a fight with Archer on the roof of Buckingham Palace cos he wanted the flag flown at half mast for Diana: "I've always loved Mousakka!"

The Beeb has some comedy gems left in them yet.

Julie Winston

The scene with Thatcher stripping for Archer on the desk was quite revolting. Did they use a body double in the bed scene between Archer & Mrs T :D


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It was a great piece of TV. I enjoyed how he'd come with Beatles song titles in the course of his conversations.

The little homage to the BBC's 'The one' trailer as Archer is running into the Grand Hotel to save Mrs T was cool.

The news break was a bit pathetic though..

Squirrel God

Didn't really watch it; had it on in the background. But it looked very reminiscent of a Dennis Potter drama.
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