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This is what you've all been waiting for ...


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FS: Barco DVI/HDMI(HDCP) input modules



Due to high AVS members requests, I've decided to build a new and 'larger' batch of the DVI/HDMI(HDCP) convertor module for Barco CRT projectors serie (so-called "BG-DVI"). This new batch will be done by a professionnal third party production company. So, the complete batch delivery time will be extremely fast (15 days).

Work for Barco projectors series :
BG800, BG801, BD808(s), BG808(s), BG1208(s)(/2), BG1209(s)(/2), Cine 8 Onyx), Zenith Pro 1200, Cine 9, Cinemax

Specifications :

- DVI-D input (100% digital). A HDMI -> DVI-D cable can be use to connect to an HDMI source.
- RGB 4:4:4 (8 bits) digital input (every HDMI source MUST be RGB 4:4:4 compatible).
- Compatible with non-HDCP or HDCP sources.
- Directly connect to Barco "Comm Port" and "PORT3". Easy to install it within 5 min. (plug&Play).
- 10 bits 175MHz triple video DAC - Inter-DAC : 2%
- Output RVB-H/V video analog signals (0,7Vpp over 75 ohms impedance)
- Ultra short Analog links (<2 cm) on the BG-DVI PCB for optimal quality.
- DVI video bandwith in RVB outputs : 25-165MHz
- Maximum resolutions : UWXGA (1920x1200) at 60Hz or SXGA (1280x1024) at 85Hz Computer compatible (PC, Mac)
- HDTV ready (480p/576p/720p/1080i/1080p48/50/60 compatible)
- HD-DVD and Blue Ray Disc players compatible (see : http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/show...27&page=7&pp=30 post #189)
- HDCP compatible with embedded keys loaded.
- Energy management : DVI et VESA DPMS compatible.
- Ultra low power consumption in Standby (3,5mA)
- Maximum power : 0.4A under 5V (at 165MHz pixel clock)
- On-board DC/DC converter (30V to 5V) with extra-low EMI signature
- Green LED to display active digital link.
- Low cost solution &#8211; Single IC solution
- Small size : 75x56mm black cabinet
- Installation : the BG-DVI module is DIRECTLY screwed to the back of the PJ (where COMM port and Port 3 SUB-D plugs stand). So no coaxial run and shortest RGB analog video link as possible (also HDCP rules compliant, i.e. no end-user access to decrypted analog video) Once screwed, this module become "a part of the PJ itself".

The BG-DVI english user Manual is available in here
The BG-DVI french user Manual is available in here

- Professional factory made (mass-production) using pick/place and reflow/wave solder pro. equipment.
- Quantity available = 100 (already around 60 people in waiting list)
- Availability = Mid/End of September 2006
- Price = 220 Euros including shipment cost (International registered letter)

This is the HDMI/DVI/HDCP interface for Barcos that everyone has been talking about, and which MadMrH has been so smug about after getting a couple of units from the previous batch. It's the real McCoy for any HD source, and there is also a unit for Sony projectors. I don't understand all the port 3 / port 5 issues for different projectors, so Andy had better explain that, though he may be slightly distracted by putting all his new hardware together......


No need to thank me. Much.



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This is fantastic news for owners of 800 series Barco's.

But oh.....how I wish there was a mod for a Barco 708:( :( :( :( :(



Mad Mr H

Prominent Member
Ah yes,

I wrote the ENGLISH manual for that unit so I know it well......

Its a great external unit, that though external complies with the specs as it connects directly to the port3 / comm port for its power.

This is the cheaper of the 2 current options, it relys on your exiting port3 card quality.

The more expensive option is the eisemann card.

I have used Johns card with 1208/09 units here.

The eiseman card I have on route to me for testing, watch this space.....

The eisemann card is more expensive BUT includes a rework of the port3 card, massive advance in quality and should be in the UK at &#163;375 inc VAT, delivery etc. You are required to return your port3 card it is an exchange unit.

Once the eiseman card is here I will be testing and then I will be able to supply these cards to UK guys, As I have a very large batch of port3 cards here Greg will be doing a batch of these for me (about 10) , that should be quicker than sending to USA and back.

Johns card 220 euros

ANYONE who wants one of Johns cards quickly in the Uk contact me........

I have currently ONE spare of Johns cards, once the eisemann card is here I think I will have 2 more of Johns available for others, at the time I bought these there was only his option available.............

I am not biased in any way with my opinions of these cards, I know both sellers, I worte the English manual for Johns card

My name appears in the last line - fame at last :D


And I think I am able to take a very small credit for some of the ideas in a very few of the eismann mods - public thank yous to me can be found on "another" site.

I have been happy to help as this I hope gives ALL of us a better picture , yes Barco only BUT I really cant help that, thats all I have.............


Established Member

Do you have any links on the Eiseman unit? Would you post your review when you have had it for a while?

BTW, what is the quality of the port 3 on my 919 likely to be?




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I have a brand new one of these for sale only plugged in to test that it works.
The reason I am selling is that I have moved house and at the time of purchase was unsure what here indoors was going to decide. These were in very short supply so I ordered one for Sky HD in case she decided to stay.
However it was not to be and I now do not have a room big enough to house the 808s.
I will be looking to sell or trade the projector as well.

I will be posting in the classifieds soon if anyone is interested.

Mad Mr H

Prominent Member
The eisemann port3 mod has gone through a number of versions.....

Original ones showed bandwidth issue on the 1209s....

the port5 is so much better....

SO the port3 board went through another change and the current version SHOULD equal or exceed the port5 bandwidth.....

SO this board is meant to work all the way up to 1209s,cine9,909,919....

And any other barco with a port3.

just waiting the test board........:D

AV nutter

Questions no 1 will this unit work on my barco 801s also will a quad liner also be of benifit aswell for me sorry if you see this as stupid questions.mike

Mad Mr H

Prominent Member
Johns DVI card will work on a Barco 801s - you must state the projector type when ordering.

The Eisemann card will also work in the Barco 801s.

You only need one or the other of the above items.

IF you use the above then usually the equipment you are viewing should have a hi def output.

DVI and HDMI were really designed for higher level outputs (as I understand)

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