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I'm not an expert on this war, but as the owner of the forum, the moderators follow my direction, and I want to make it clear how this forum about the war in Ukraine should be used.

This forum has been created for several purposes which are hoped to have a positive effect, including, in general terms:
  • To share truthful information about the illegal invasion of Ukraine instigated by the war criminal Putin.
  • To share our support for the good people of Ukraine currently under attack by Putin and Lukashenko's forces.
  • To share our support for the good people of Russia and Belarus who are being lied to by Putin and Lukashenko's propaganda machines.
  • To share our wider concerns about the effects of the war of choice instigated by Putin.
  • To speculate about the possible outcomes of Putin's huge mistake in starting this murderous war.
  • To share our ideas on how to resolve the situation.
  • To condemn Putin, Lukashenko and their forces for the atrocities happening in Ukraine.
AVForums is not a platform for people to justify, endorse or support Putin, his regime or his armed forces. This would be morally inexcusable and anyone doing so should be ashamed of themselves and will be dealt with by the moderators. Putin is acting irrationally and there is no rational or moral justification for his actions.
AVForums is not a platform for people to spread Putin's misinformation about the war.
Depending on the severity of inappropriate messages, I recommend banning people from threads, this specific forum and ultimately entirely from AVForums.

I hope nobody gets banned. I hope everyone makes good use of this forum, and, of course, for a positive outcome.

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Some links below on ways people can help. You may have already seen them, but I share it just in case.

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