This decision is too hard PD 7200 or Samsung

Discussion in 'Samsung TVs Forum' started by Max Payne, Aug 10, 2005.

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    Okay 4 months down the line and I thought I had made my mind up re: the Hitachi PD 7200 but while I am on the waiting list with richersounds waiting for it to come in, the Samsung has now caught my eye.

    It comes down to this, I have approx 3,000 euros to spend (approx 2200 sterling and I initially wanted to get 2 TV's - 1 42" and 1 either 32/37 LCD Plasma as I now have 2 living rooms - but after reading too many magazines and this great site, I came accross High Definition - hench finally resting on the Hitachi after the great reviews, high def, motorised stand, pc connectivity, price etc.

    I don't like the look of the Panny and the XDE which would be my absolute favourite is out of my price league.

    So Hitachi it is then I think? But then I see the Samsung that is HD ready, and compared to the hitachi works out as follows:

    Hitachi with Delivery to me in Ireland: €2897
    Samsung with Delivery to me in Ireland: €2172

    So I would save 700 euros!!! and I still get a HD ready screen and am then well on my way to getting another LCD/PLASMA in the next couple of months for the other room.

    the tricky bit is that I have yet to see the Samsung in operation but the questions is

    Is the Hitachi Picture Quality 700 euros better than the Samsung?

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