This could be a tough one to answer!


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Right, here goes:

I've recently purchased a SKY+ v1 box and i'm looking to SDI mod it.
When done, I hope to output the digital signal through my PC by means of some input card not yet purchased.

Here's the question:

Is there a software solution for taking in the signal from the input card and recording the video and audio digitally to the hard disk, if so what format is it in and can it be put to a blank DVD-R disk using NERO or some other software?

Any help appreciated.




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I've asked about this previously and not come up with an answer, I think that basically the problem stems from the fact that SDI is just for video, the sound is carried over the normal audio outputs, it's not an MPEG stream that's fed into the computer unfortunately. There may be software that allows SDI capture, but it needs to allow capture from SPDIF audio in as well.



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I take it this means some decent capture software for the sweetspot?

If so, great news :clap:

I've tried a couple of times with mine using D-Scaler and Virtual vcr but with poor results.

Looking forward to using sweetspot to capture recordings from sky+ via RGB for archiving on hard disc/DVD :D

David PluggedIn

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Hi Charlie
Thats correct. We now have WDM driver support for SweetSpot so you can choose any software that supports WDM (most of them!) and use that to record from any of the SweetSpot inputs.


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