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Jan 9, 2003
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Right, here goes:

I've recently purchased a SKY+ v1 box and i'm looking to SDI mod it.
When done, I hope to output the digital signal through my PC by means of some input card not yet purchased.

Here's the question:

Is there a software solution for taking in the signal from the input card and recording the video and audio digitally to the hard disk, if so what format is it in and can it be put to a blank DVD-R disk using NERO or some other software?

Any help appreciated.


I hope to output the digital signal
Do you mean the Toslink signal? there is no other "digital" signal coming out of a SKY+ box.

Anyway, I think this is a computer question.
You would need something like the Silk card to take the SDI output into your PC. That works with Dscaler, and there may a PVR package that works with that combination. Showshifter is a possibility. try - there's a support forum which may answer the question.

The other SDI solution is the H3D card (Mk1 which will work with dscaler, or Mk II which does not). There is no PVR application which works with this so far as I know.

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