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I will be using my TV's third HDMI socket which is on the side of the TV set. This means that the lead sticks out from the side slightly and would like to cut down on the amount of cable on show.

i have found this right angle HDMI connector on the net and wondered if anyone has used one and if so if they would recommend it. Also is this a good price??

thanks in advance


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Does anyone use these adaptors? I am getting Sky HD next week and, like SG-22, will have to use the HDMI socket on the side of my TV. In order to keep things looking neat I want to be able to keep the cable hidden so wondered if these adaptors were okay.



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Yep, I use them on my displays as they are fitted close to the wall, and the normal HDMI cables stick out too much on my displays...

But I can't see any reason to buy the £11.99 ones from TVCables when the £4.99 ones do exactly the same job.

I have 6 of the £4.99 ones in use, and they work perfectly AFAICS. :thumbsup:

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