Thirteenth Floor :)


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Just watched this, one of the 4 I got for £6.49 from play and thought it was pretty good :)


Yeah its a good film imho for the budget, I call it a thinking mans matrix film :)


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Yes, I liked it, too. I wonder why it was never shown theatrically in the UK? There are plenty of much worse films that do make it onto the big screen.

PS: Gretchen Moll. mmmmmmm.....

Nyquil Driver

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Yes, it's a well-paced, intriguingly plotted little movie. Of course, it bombed big-time in the U.S (they only like The Matrix WITHOUT the 'thinking' bits!).

They couldn't really push the film in this country after such a disappointing run in the U.S because it doesn't have any big-name actors in it...


It's not a bad film this. I saw it last year and thought it was done quite well. The budget couldn't of been large as the effects were minimal but the actors carried the story along fine. Funny to think of the soon to be El Presidente Dennis Haysbert as the cop. Armin Mueller-Stahl is always good fayre too in his sort of cuddly/grandpa old trusty dude role.
The end is mentally linked for me with Kemopetrol's View On The Sea, as they look out at what essentially capitalism has done for its selfish 'need'.
I'll have to watch it again as much is pretty vague now.

Squirrel God

I have this. Only seen it once but really enjoyed it. Some cheesy moments that detracted from the otherwise "Twilight Zone"-esque plot :)


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Also seen it before, not bad actually. Not as good as Dark City IMHO but still entertaining.


Got this when it first came out on DVD and thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact this thread has reminded me that I own it and maybe it's time to watch it again.

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