Thinking Van Damme Blue, anything else to consider?


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I'm looking at buy a 100m of speaker cable for rears and 4 ceiling speakers.

I'm thinking about the Van Damme Blue 2x2.5mm (approx £240 inv VAT), the longest run is approx 15m.

Anything else to consider?

Would there be any improvement over more expensive cable? Maybe QED Silver Micro?

Open to any other suggestions.



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Joe Fernand

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'Would there be any improvement over more expensive cable?' - price is no indicator of a decent cable or the 'sound' it will deliver.

The Blue Series cable is of a suitable gauge and consistent construction to suit most AV/Home Cinema Systems and being 'twin-axial' makes it an easy cable to install when you have to thread it into a room.

Have a look at our webshop - https://tmfsolutions.co.uk/product/vandamme-blue-series-loudspeaker-cable-2x2-5mm/



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Cheers Joe, very helpful as always.

Order placed on your site :)

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