Question Thinking the previously unthinkable switching pj for tv


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I have a 65VT60 plasma, and watching movies between 40° and 50° viewing angle. 50° is for 2.35:1 3D movies. This menas about 160cm (5.2 feet) view distance. This is ridicolously close, with 85" just increases to 200cm. Even for a small living room I need at least 100", and this is pj playing ground.


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I tried to go for swapping my Sony PJ for TV at 65” and even 75”, and while I think you could get over the difference in viewing size pretty quickly, for me you really can’t beat the immersion of a good PJ and screen which really can feel like you’re in a cinema as opposed to a room with a really huge TV in it.

I totally get the TV choice though, and the TVs I tried had incredible punch with HDR that you can’t get near with a PJ. However, banding and clearly lighter edges were just some of the problems I noticed almost immediately. I’ve never had a PJ that had comparable issues aside from Colour cast issues on really old
Projectors like the Sanyo z1 and Panasonic first generation models. So for me in the end the PJ has been the best fit. Plus I went for a bigger screen so got even more immersion!

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I went the other way and don’t watch any movies on the OLED anymore, 65” simply can’t match 100” plus screen. The contrast/blacks are better but it’s not so big a difference which is probably helped tremendously by the fact I have an ALR grey screen.

White ceiling, bright carpet, walls and a number of white bits of furniture in the room and sure when things get bright I can see the black bars lighten if I look at them but the main image is so contasty and FOV filling that if I’m looking at the film I don’t even notice because my iris has closed down increasing perceived contrast.


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Great replies, everyone.

One thing I intended to mention, but forgot. There are things I'm noticing on some films now which I didn't notice before on (a) the projector, or (b) smaller TVs. Sometimes it's difficult to quantify, especially as you're not comparing like with like; I have so many films I don't get to watch too many more than once in a short time frame. But a few months back I watched the classic Brit portmanteau horror Dead of Night (1945), which I'd last seen only a few months before. I was immediately struck by how much better it looked on the OLED. Better...and occasionally worse! There were flaws in the restored image which had previously not been apparent, though these were far outweighed by the positives.

Enjoy your Christmas viewing, however you do it.

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