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thinking outside the box...literally


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To make use of some corner space, I made a corner stud wall, the face of the wall will be sealed by MDF sheets. Once closed im hoping never to back in. On the front i'm mounting a TV, two SAT speakers, and a center.

For that reason i wanted to ask what would you do to ensure you wouldn't have to open Pandora's box.

  • I'm running all the power, speaker cables, av cables prior to sealing the unit. When i come to connecting all the AV unit it will be a case of plug and play.
  • Holes have been made for cables
  • TV bracket is mounted
  • Cabinet lighting is installed.

Any other thoughts would be much appreciated.



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Would be a good idea to install something like a large plastic pipe at the same time in the unit that goes from the back of the tv to where your sources are. That way if you ever needed to add or change a cable it would be an easy job to do.

Just an idea :)

Alex Brock

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I agree with lizard, a piece of 50x50 trunking would be perfect. With some gradual bends (not right angles) if it must go round a corner, and a couple of draw wires in it ready for future use.


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I was told to this on here when I did mine. I didn't as I was stretched for time. Only 6 months on and I already wish I had.


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I was told to this on here when I did mine. I didn't as I was stretched for time. Only 6 months on and I already wish I had.

Hi Harkon...is it possible to tell me what you needed to do few months after you sealed it off?

I can get to the avr and add more devices.
I have three holes where the devices are which let's me pass cables too and from and also get the power bar.


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Mine was a fireplace and within the fireplace is my cable run. Pictures in my signature below.

I originally ran speaker cable X 2 to the right side of the room for right speaker and one atmos module in the future. I then went back 2 months later and with a lot of difficulty ran 2xhdmi to allow some devices to be placed inside a unit on the right of the fireplace to free up some space on the tv stand. Looking back I wonder if running the amp to that side might have been a better option as well. Just running a bit of tube would have given me more options in the future.

Running a cat 5 or additional HDMI or two isn't a bad idea either, both for future devices or if one of your HDMI leads fails in a years time.
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