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Thinking of Upgrading

The Rebel MC

Active Member
Hi all

I currently have a Panasonic 42" 1080P GT20 HDTV and am thinking of upgrading to a 4K set. I have Sky Q being installed in a couple of weeks and am also thinking upgrading my normal PS4 to a PS4 Pro. I have a couple questions that I wondered if anyone could help with:

1. We sit roughly 10 feet away from the TV, would a 55" be okay or would we not get much benefit from a 4K set at that distance? The TV has to go in the corner as we can't really rearrange the set up of our lounge and I don't think we could fit in a larger TV than a 55".

2. I'd be wanting to spend roughly around £1000, so I know there's a few available decent sets to go for. I know lots on here say the Samsung KS TVs from last year are great, would that be the ones to really look at? Are there any good alternatives to them for watching TV and gaming? There doesn't seem to be many Samsung KS ones around now and I think even the 55" KS8000 is over a grand, so I'm not sure it's within budget completely. Are there any good models from this year worth a look?

I've also just signed up to Amazon Prime tonight as they had their discount for a sub, so I'm hoping some decent deals come up on Amazon Prime day on the 11th.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

The Rebel MC

Active Member
Thanks Dodgexander, I'd read the first linked thread before and thought that a 55" was maybe just in line with where we sit. I've only done a rough measurement and it's 10' at best, maybe more like 9'. A 65" would probs be better of course, but it just wouldn't fit in the corner of our sitting room.

I've read up on the 2nd link and it does seem like an upgrade might not be worth it seeing as my Panasonic GT20 is still absolutely fine. The main thing that was tempting me is that I've already got SkQ coming and I do fancy upgrading to the PS4 Pro, but it might just be worthwhile waiting until we move in a few years seeing as the TV we've got is still absolutely spot on. Eventually we'd like a bigger sitting room, so then an upgrade to a 65" or bigger would be the right thing rather than now.

It's all tempting of course, but it's maybe more sensible to keep the money and save rather than upgrading for no real huge benefits now.


Well If SD quality isn't a concern there is no harm in upgrading, you won't see any benefit with UHD from SkyQ vs FHD so its kind of pointless so I would say you will see most benefit by getting the best HDR TV you can afford, although you can't get good HDR TVs without UHD you can just forget about resolution.

The problem with that is HDR content is thin on the ground still, so be sure to use it if you upgrade, that includes UHD BluRays, streaming services like Netflix/Amazon and the PS4 Pro. Its a lot of investment right now for little gain, but if you are willing to do it its worth it for HDR alone.

Right now under 1k the best HDR TV you can get would be the Panasonic DX-902 refurb on eBay. Otherwise I would look to spend more in the future.

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