Thinking of upgrading Tannoy Mercury v4 5.0 to Q Acoustics 3050i 5.1 - is it worth it?


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@Gasp3621 thanks that's really helpful!

Do you think the gloss black is worth the extra cost? The matt black looks better than I thought it would do, I only saw the Blash Ash before which I didn't like at all.

For a room of ~ 21m2 would the P12 or XXLS400 make more sense?

It really is up to you which you like more. Important to get it right so no regrets later. These subs are still rather small if you look what people have in their dedicated spaces of similar size to yours so they definitely aren´t too much if you are afraid of that. You are in control how loud the sub plays and the recommendation is always get the best sub you can afford which fits to your requirements.

If it would be my money and use mostly movies then P12-PR for 480£ in satin black! :) I have chatted with few owners as i have given few options to them and they picked that PR model. They were blown away afterwards in a similar way like AVF`s Steve Withers.

If you feel the basic sealed P12 is enough to you in satin black i urge you to call to Colosussxb cause the satin black goes usually 346£ + 10£ shipping as new grade-b. You would need to ask is there any of those available and if not then when coming. Also reviewed by AVF:



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@Gasp3621 when you say satin black you mean the standard black right ie not the gloss?

Where do I call Colosussxb? the main BK website?

I meant the satin black. There is also black ash the fancy finish from the 1990s. I can´t stand of it, but i understand some loves it still! :laugh: This:

You don´t need to call Colosussxb if you are going with P12-PR model cause they won´t have them for some time as member asked while ago. Sure you can always try your luck.

Business name: BKE

Address :BK Electronics, Unit 1
Comet Way


Email: [email protected]


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@Gasp3621 do you mean this version of the PR?



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@Gasp3621 and you think the satin black is stylish enough to do that?
Thanks for pointing out the black/satin black - initially i thought it was Black Ash or gloss and I didnt like the Ash one!

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