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Hi all.
I am thinking of putting this PC upstairs for the kids, to free up some room in here, but am unsure what to change it for.....
I was looking at laptops, as they are quite cheap now days, but wondered how long it would last.
I know the batterys only last a couple of hours, so i was thinking of running it off a PSU.
Is the charger that comes with it good enough to keep it running......???
I normally use the PC around 5 hours a day at the most.
Is there a small PSU that can be brought for a laptop that would last a couple of years.

I've seen sony do a nice little all in one desk top thing.....i think its called their home entertainment PC.....would this be a better buy..........?????
I only need something that is ganner last around a couple of years, cause i'm sure i will get board with it and upgrade it within that time.
It does not need to be a top speck machine, as i only use it for the internet and the ocasional printing task.

Any help or recommendations.


I have a Mesh laptop with a "desktop" P4 2.4ghz processor which is very power hungry.

It is on for upto 14hrs a day and has been ultra reliable. the battery life is shocking as it also has a 64mb DDR ATI card in it and a 15" high res screen etc...

I bought it as a desktop replacement to save some space and it has been th best thing i've ever bought.

If you are just after a lowish spec laptop then it should be even easier to leave on for long periods of time.

Personally i'd never buy a laptop with a desktop processor againas it is very noisy as the fan is always on the cool it and it gets very hot. so a lower power mobile specific processor may suit your needs better.

One other thing, if you are used to a desktop monitor with a good resolution then make sure you get a laptop with similar spec screen. Many look great on paper,15" screen etc... but often only run at 1024 * 768 which is awful IMO. Mine runs upto 1400*1050 and is very pleasant to look at and use for long periods

Hope this is of some help


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that sounds like a promising start to what i am looking for.

Did the PSU come with the laptop or did you buy it as an optional extra.
I would of thought you only get a charger with the i wrong......????

At the moment i use a 17" TFT at 1024x768.
I have had a play with the laptops in the local currys and PCworld and i could just about handle going back to a 15"....dont know about running 1024x768 on that thow.......think it might have to be back to 800x600.
The Sony machine did look nice, but it took up more room than a laptop.

Next decision is weather to go for a windows machine or an applemac.


Sorry for confusion, i tend to call it the powersupply as the charger is essentially a PSU. Mine runs off the charger/powersupply all the time, it just bypasses the battery once it is full (all the time in my case). It even has its own fan as they get quite warm (not all have fans).

Most laptops will run off the charger when there isn't a battery installed anyway.

I only mentioned the resolution as i personally like using higher resolutions as i think it looks better/tidier and you can view more of things, such as webpages and digital pictures without scrolling around all the time (i.e. 2Megapixel digital camera outputs approx 1600*1200 pics).

Have a look at Mesh, Evesham etc for their laptops as they are usally v well specced for price and warranties are excellent. Tho apples do look superb!

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