Thinking of selling my Epson TW2000... Logitech Z-5500 etc


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and my graphics card (580 GTX)... how much do you think I might be able to get for them all? Need the cash and I'm sad to sell them, but we have another little on on the way, so my cinema room is now going to be a baby room:(


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Hi Spike

I am new to Projectors and learning fast. Not sure on the value at all but if a good price I might well be happy to ttake it off your hands but will need to do a bit more research on the projector and the used values.

Are these DLP or LCD?


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Spikerules: I'd recommend doing a search on the forum classifieds to gauge an idea of what others have asked for similar gear. You'd need to start a thread in the classifieds too as the MODs will not be happy if you run a for sale thread in this section. ;)

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