Thinking of going down the CRT root


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At the moment I currently own a Hitachi TX100 LCD projector and I am very happy with the projector, I run .ts HDTV films from my PC into the LCD projector and am happy with the results.

But with the advent of the Xbox 360 I am thinking of upgrading my projector as I want something with a bit more depth. I was originally going to wait for the latest range of LCD's like the Sony HS51,AE900,TX200 etc but having read this link:

I am thinking maybe I could get an absolutely amazing picture!!!. I currently have a dedicated Home cinema room with an 80" projector screen and feel adding a CRT projector would compliment the room

I am quite a technical person and as such am willing to give the CRT tweak-a-thon a go.

Please could people advise what would be the best CRT projector to purchase, please understand I know next to nothing on CRT projectors apart what is in the above link and I don’t know anything about scaler either.

I do have a pc hooked up but don’t know how I would go about connecting an Xbox 360 up to my pc in order to use it as a scaler.

My budget would be in the region of about £1500 with a 720P image being paramount, I would also like information on the cost of replacement bulbs if that’s possible.

Would CRT give me a big enough image quality to warrant the time over my current projector? Or should I just go down the easy route and purchase the next range of LCD’s.

Thanks in advance for any help.

PS: If anyone with a CRT projector in the Basingstoke area would be willing for me to have a viewing I would be most gratefull.


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I'm in Basingstoke, I have a Barco 1209s, send me a PM if you want to take a look.


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Jeff - a 1209s for £1500 SOLD!

(Yes I understood what you meant.....)

Peve3 - go see the 1209s - this is a real high end crt and well worth a view even if you decide crt is not for you.

I also think you should consider your price a little (not a lot) more.

Good DLP's will start around £2k with all the inputs you might want and features which will help in a good picture.... as a result I think you should consider a slightly higher budget as you are after all looking at a much higher quality picture with crt.

Go see the 1209s - tell us all what you think - 99.9% of people here will welcome your honest opinion even if you dont buy one.....

curts site will give you a great starting point to see many different models....


i have found all the talk about crt,s needing constant adjustment to be untrue, they are not as demanding as you would think, IMHO
rob :hiya:

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You are right,

Most of the tweaking if you ask me is people who dont understand how to do it correctly in the first place.

Or a room with massive temp changes will do it - but then if set up correctly this should not be an issue.

tweaking is also required if your unit is not 100% well, a nasty e bay purchase will need help!

Most pj's are stable and should be left alone.....

Playing and tweaking just takes up time when you are meant to be doing other things!

I tweak! but I am trying things off the usual track to test results......
thats my excuse ;)


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Well I went over to Jeff’s house today to have a look at his setup, and all I can say is WOW it truly is a superb installation and I can see a lot of time and money has gone into getting it looking and sounding perfect. :smashin:

We watched a few scenes of the new batman film and it was clear straight away why people think CRT gives the best image quality from a projector, very detailed and insane blacks made the overall image have a great sense of depth. Then Jeff showed me some football from his Sky + box which was just as impressive and smooth.

Only thing that I felt might put me off is the shere size of the projector unit, i was clearly not expecting it to be as big as that. Not that i don't have the space it was just a bit overwhelming at first.

It has definitely given me some ideas about what route I want to go down, but I think I may hold off a few years now as with the advent of commercial HDTV upon us I think we will see some truly stunning projectors coming out for a modest amount of money.
So im going to hold out and see how the whole thing gels.

Thanks for letting me view the installation Jeff, top setup and top bloke :thumbsup:

Mad Mr H

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the 1209 is without question the largest of the BARCO series.

(909 might be bigger never met one!)

1208 has same case but 8" tubes :thumbsup:

the 808 case has smoother lines

801/800 is smaller

701/708 Much smaller

Selecos similar to the 701/8 ;)
and were more designed for home cinema use
nice silver case, sexy lines mmmmm!

Sleep on it, then buy a crt and never look back.....


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Glad you like it. :thumbsup:

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