Thinking of going back to virgin bb. Have some questions.


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I'm thinking of getting virgin bb and using a mesh wifi 6 system.

The virgin hub will be under my TV. I plan to run ethernet from one port to a mesh device. I want to connect another ethernet port to a switch into which TV, sky, chromecast, hue hub, switch, ring alarm etc are all plugged in.

Will the mesh system require I use the virgin hub in modem mode?

If so can you still use all the ethernet ports on the hub?

Can anyone recommend a wifi 6 mesh system? Can you connect to the wifi 6 Station with ethernet as my office pc does not have wifi?

Can you still have guest mode on the hub? Or do mesh systems allow guest mode?


A mesh normally works best as the router and getting the public IP from your ISP. That means you only need the modem part of a modem/router line the ISP hub. Put it in modem mode and it should disable all NAT/routing and switch off wifi. Ethernet from there to the WAN port of the mesh and enter the ISP settings as required with the mesh in router mode.

If the mesh base has ethernet ports these will work for devices including a switch plugged in if more ports required. Many or most mesh satellites have an ethernet port or two as well even if they have wifi backhaul. A switch will work in there too.

All NAT/routing and wifi should be off with the hub in modem mode. No guest wifi. Most/many mesh bases have guest wifi networks though.

I have a wifi 6 Orbi with one satellite- expensive but works well - AX4200 Wifi mesh system RBK 752. I use a modem/router in modem mode as above with no issues.


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With VM putting the super hub into modem mode typically disables all but one port* which then plugs into the replacement router.

Some mesh can do Wi-Fi one but if you are shelling out you might as get one that has better features than the super hub

*[I say typically as you can force it to use more than one connection to a router that supports round robin link aggregation to remove the 940Mbps you get with a single connection on the gig one (1,152Mbps) service]

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