Thinking of getting a Panasonic SC-PT170EB-K but should I


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I am thinking of getting a Panasonic SC-PT170EB-K , but I cant se how many HDMI in and out it has anywhere.

Also read it doent have DTS sound, for when I plug my PS3 into it. So at a bit of a lose. I have XBox 360 and Ps3 I want to plug into it also Virgin+ Box, but not 100% sure I will need it for Virgin.

Can anyone help at all?


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i wouldnt buy a panasonic system full stop.
no DTS on the ps3, is a big booboo, and besides the system only has 1 optical, so you would need a switch/splitter, for the other 2 inputs.

plenty of other systems out there, from the likes of Sony, Onkyo, Samdung, LG, etc.


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I thought you could just plug HDMI though it?

Or does it not work like that? HDMI not as good as Optical? Is it the fact Ps3 and Xbox 360 only use 5.1 with Optical connection?

Is there a system that has 3 x HDMI IN and OUT puts?

so need some help on this.
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